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Integrative Energy Healing And How It Can Benefit Your Life

We live in a world where there is constant stimulation. Whether it be through social media or the news, people have an undeniable desire to escape the world’s stresses. However, there is an effective way to allow the body to recalibrate itself from the world’s uncertainties and within our inner lives. The resolve? It is to be still. The solution is to allow your body to transmute energy that has been shoved, pushed down, and ignored into energy that serves you. Energy healing is a modality that can help individuals navigate the energy within and surrounding them. The practice allows the movement of stagnated energy that blocks us from moving forward and making empowered decisions. Energy healing allows a life full of groundedness and ease. 


What is Energy Healing?

Put simply; it is first and foremost the understanding that everything is energy. This energy includes your body. Not necessarily only your flesh, bones, muscles, and tissues, but the intangible and unseen parts of you. It is the life force that courses through everything within and around us. Many ancient traditions have transcribed literature about the energy centers within the body, most notably the origins of energy healing rooted in India, first mentioned by the Vedas. Energy centers, known as the chakras, were transcribed as a network of energy centers throughout the body. The ancient Japanese practice of Reiki healing has also become a well-known practice globally. It is usually the first touchpoint of energy alchemy, especially for those living in the Western civilization. The six primary chakras are as follows:

  • The root chakra
  • The sacral chakra
  • The solar plexus
  • The throat chakra
  • The third eye chakra
  • The crown chakra

Although there are far more chakra centers than the primary six that are often articulated, it is a good starting point to introduce the six layers of the subtle energy within every one of us. 

All six chakras hold different layers of energy and meanings to them. Each chakra beginning from the root gets less physical and more intangible with its characteristics. To explain, the root chakra is all about safety, security, basic needs like food, water, and shelter. When humans have these things, there is an assurance of energetic security and safety. With an open root chakra, it is a signal that the individual meets basic needs. However, the meaning of the root chakra goes deeper after these basic needs are met. Such as safety within the home, safety within personal relationships, feelings of worthiness, having healthy boundaries, and physical health. When an individual does not feel secure and safe, there is a strong likelihood that the energy center at the base of their spine is blocked. A blocked root chakra can even result in physical pain in these instances. When attention is given to a blocked chakra such as the root, it brings the individual a better awareness that there is a change they must make in their lives to have this energy free-flowing consistently. 

The energetic meanings of the chakras become more ethereal as they move up the body. In contrast to the root chakra, our crown chakra, located at the top of our skull, is known to be a portal of energy that connects us to the divine. When our crown is open, there is an easeful capacity to feel deeply connected to the God we pray to, whatever that means to the individual. When this chakra is open, there is trust in our intuition and a deep knowing that we can connect to the intangible energy surrounding us. 

How do facilitators help to open the chakras?

The most important thing to note is that energy healers do not heal you, as our title can be easily misleading. You, as a client, are ultimately the gatekeeper of this result. Facilitators are trained to guide and help you get out of your way, but we are not the reason for your healing. You are. How empowering is that?

Energy healing is a non-invasive and safe practice. As practitioners, we are trained to attune to life-force energy intuitively. As a result, it increases our ability to sense subtle energy in others and use our intuition to recognize when energy is blocked in the body. When there is deep groundedness and presence, and open-mindedness from the client, subtle energy within a client can be moved. Often practitioners are drawn to particularly blocked chakras, which are often correlated with stagnant and stored energy from trauma, stress, or ignored emotions. When we sense this, we intuitively focus our energy on these centers and help them open. Energy is transferable and can move with intention.

What is Integrative Energy Healing?

Integrative energy healing is a term and practice formulated by my teacher, Millana Snow, the Founder of Wellness Official. It is an intuitive practice that integrates breathwork, meditation, and chakra cleansing to assist the spiritual and physical body. Combining holotropic breathwork and chakra energy clearing creates a potent and transformational experience for the individual practicing it.

Why Breathwork?

Holotropic Breathwork was developed in the 1970s by two psychiatrists Stanislav and Christina Grof. Their book “Holotropic Breathwork, A New Approach to Self-exploration and Therapy” describes this new form of self-awareness, expansion, and psychotherapy. Holotropic breathwork is a controlled and guided breathing pattern that influences physical, emotional, and mental states. By participating in it, it is pertinent that one be facilitated by an individual that has been trained in it. Holotropic breathwork allows individuals to experience a higher state of consciousness, enabling them to interact with their subconscious mind. 

The practice of breathwork usually extends for an hour and is accompanied by a soundtrack of music that stimulates the brain and deep-rooted emotions. As a facilitator, there is careful guidance and a conscious, safe environment for the client to dive deep into the practice, which often surfaces emotion, tension, and stagnant energy to be released. Sometimes this results in crying, laughing, or moving of the body. These responses are the body’s natural way of releasing blocked energy.


When holotropic breathwork is paired with the intuitive practice of opening the chakra centers, it moves our ego and conditioned self out of the way. We meet the source of energy within us and all around us. We begin to understand that we are extraordinary beings living an experience here on Earth, and we can release and transmute energy and start again. It allows us to live a life free of bonds of what the world tells us our lives should be and what we want to create and make space for ourselves. 

Our subconscious beliefs create the realities of our lives, and integrative energy healing helps us get out of our way. It takes deep trust in oneself to understand what holds us back and unravel the parts of ourselves that we’ve been afraid to look at and shift. It’s not for those who want to stay the same, but for those who want to expand and live their most engaging and fulfilling lives.



- Katherine Haysbert is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Certified Natural Chef, and Integrative Energy Healer committed to empowering individuals to reconnect with their health and prioritize their wellbeing. Katherine helps find the root cause of health issues that the modern individual often struggles with. These include hormone imbalances, gut health, low energy, and anxiety. 

To learn more about Katherine’s work you can click this link to her website Katherinehaysbert.com

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