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"I use many of the products that Bfree has and I love them all. A few weeks ago, my husband said " I don't know what you are doing but your skin looks better than ever." What I am doing is following Cassandra’s skin care regimen. I especially adore the serum, bamboo cleanser and the daily moisturizer SPF cream. What a perfect combination! They absorb quickly, feel marvelous and have really improved the look of my skin. Thank you!” -Hannah

"I  am on my fifth week of treatment using the golden serum. To my great delight during the past few days, the three large brown spots (hyper-pigmentation) on my face are showing definite signs of going lighter. This is the first time I have seen any improvement. I've used two different strengths of "Fade out" and "Bio Oil" all to no avail. I was considering making enquiries if laser treatment would be helpful, but now I don't need to because imagining what another few weeks of Golden Hour will achieve." - Amanda

 "I am so impressed with your products. I am 61 with good skin but very dry and sensitive. It's difficult finding products for sensitive skin. All your products work so well together! The golden hour serum is SUPURB.  I wish I had found your company years ago. I look forward to seeing all that evolves with Bfree. Thanks so much." - Debbie

"After having acne issues since I was around 14 and trying every product (natural & unnatural), Bfree Organics' is the only one that has ever worked. I noticed results right away and my face is completely clear, blemish free within the first month of getting an online consultation, with the owner Cassandra. She set me up with an incredibly easy regimen. I love everything about this company and I recommend it to everyone! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" - Sarah

"I am a 30 year old woman who has battled skin issues in the form of acne for most of my life. At first, I was a bit skeptical prior to using this product. Throughout this journey with my skin, I have used numerous brand name and lesser-known products without any liable results. Once I began to use this product consistently, I saw a noticeable difference in about one week. My skin is radiant and supple. The dark spots and blemishes have begun to fade away. The texture of my skin has improved dramatically! I use a regimen of the Bamboo charcoal acne cleanser, coupled with the incredible Golden hour serum, which is light, refreshing and has gotten rid of 80% of my scarring I never thought I'd get rid of. My skin has not felt like this since my pre-teens! With results like this, I believe my search is over!" - Rebecca

"I have spent a lot of time reading and re-reading your testimonials and after finally ordering, I can say one thing I know for sure: The whole world needs to know about golden hour serum. It's incredibly handcrafted, smells like heaven and has healed my skin of all menopausal ailments I've suffered from in the last 4 years, within just a couple of months. Phenomenal products. Handmade by a phenomenal WOC." -Emily

"I must say I'm very impressed with Bfree's serum. I have most definitely noticed a tightening/brightening effect on my skin and also like the non-greasy effect of your daily moisturizer with sf as a base for makeup. Thank you for these beautiful plant based products." -Regina

"I am amazed at how this SERUM doesn't irritate my sensitive and regularly acne prone skin. I just cleansed and put golden hour all over my face/neck.... As you only need a little.... my skin sucked it right up. Your products are fantastic." -Mia

" I've tried a lot of brands, high end brands, organic brands, department store brands, but this was the first one that really made an impact after the first week. With the golden hour serum, I noticed a difference after first use. (I even made my husband try it) I 'm hooked and a big fan." - Marilyn

"I was wandering around Seattle and stumbled across a shop that carried your products. They had a full line of your stuff (that I see is now discontinued) but thank goodness out of all the ones they had, I purchased golden hour and your cleanser. I looked up your site and was blown away that I had found such an incredible company, ran by one woman. Golden hour is literally the best product I've ever used on my skin. It goes far beyond the term "anti-aging" SO SO GOOD! I'm turning 45 this year and my skin is looking and feeling very early 30's thanks to you. Gracias hermana!" - Rosa

"I was one of those people who'd try every product on the market, only to be repeatedly disappointed. Free has taken all the guess work out of providing only the best products that truly make a difference in the appearance of the skin. I am happy to say I've thrown out all the bottles and jars of products that never worked and replaced them with the products that have transformed my skin before my very eyes. Cassandra is wonderful at what she does and I trust her 100% with my skin care needs." - Caroline

"Every time I tell someone about Bfree Organics I make them feel my skin. I have gotten so many compliments on my skin in my life. I will send in pictures soon, but for now, I am graciously giving thanks to Bfree." - Nicole

"I placed an order for a variety of products - mostly just to try them - I am a new customer. I have never written a fan letter before - but just had to tell you how much I love your products - I will never buy anything else!!! My skin and hair (yes hair - I use the calafia hair/body oil) have never been smoother, cleaner and more oil-free, and for my pores I'm using your serum and they are way smaller already. Bfree is great - and I THANK YOU!" - Anya

 "After having applied the products once, I can say that I am a Bfree customer for life. Every product is as wonderful as I had hoped, from reading the testimonials on your web site and word of mouth from my friend. My face hasn't been this dewy and soft since my 20's. I can only imagine how wonderful the results will be over time. Thank you for making me such a happy customer. I adore your serum." -Lisa

"I just wanted to write in about your amazing products I discovered over 3 yrs ago. I had a spot on my chin. it wasn't big but I felt embarrassed about it. When I started using Bfree I could see my skin repairing itself from years of neglect. I encouraged my daughter to use your serum and she is also seeing fast pace results. Our skin is literally flawless now. We can't thank you enough!" -Laurie 



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