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Enzyme Peel

Enzyme Peel

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This  3 in 1 peel: brightens, clears pores, and repairs. Liquid papain and bromelain enzymes eliminate many layers of dead skin cells. The Ergothioneine and Plant Yeast Extracts take this enzyme a step above. It offers a rejuvenating effect and is infused with advantageous natural acids such as BHAs and AHAs. It delivers long term effects by leaving ingredients inside the skin (basal layer of the epidermis where melanin gets produced and in dermis) to continue the melanin inhibiting work long after the peel has been rinsed off. Healing medicinal plants repair skin damage. Helps clear acne and rosacea. This is the Gold Standard of gentle peels. Tailored to address the needs of mature, stressed, sun-damaged, or problematic skin, this potent professional-grade treatment provides intensive care. This transformative process aids in the gentle removal of dull surface skin cells, unveiling the youthful complexion beneath. As part of the treatment, a rehydration mask is applied to ensure comprehensive nourishment. This service includes your décolleté.

For the best results and a truly indulgent experience at our Apothecary Studio, kindly ensure you arrive with freshly clean skin and having taken a shower just before your appointment. This ensures your skin is ready to soak in the benefits of our treatments. Thank you for your cooperation, and we can't wait to pamper you.

60 minute treatment

Peels have a recovery period of 7 to 10 days, and the results are long-lasting.

It is normal for the treated area to dry out and develop a brown crust. This flakes off soon and reveals bright skin underneath that gradually fades to your natural skin tone.

Summer – Protect | Autumn – Replenish | Winter – Hydrate | Spring – Revitalize




1 oz clear glass bottle with dropper

Care information

Suitable for all skin types, this concentrated serum diminishes blemishes, evens tone and combats signs of aging, shrinks enlarged pores with every use. Golden Hour targets fine lines,hyperpigmentation (also known as melasma) acne, eczema, and unknown skin conditions.

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Topanga Perfume Oil

Mixes well with each persons individual phermones, becoming your own signature scent.

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