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C B D Mood Oil Roll-On

C B D Mood Oil Roll-On

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7 Chakra / Color Aromatherapy Oil supports towards a restorative and replenishing self-care ritual, made in the Root Chakra of the world, Mount Shasta 


With the theme being "balance" Roll onto temples, wrists, pulse points and/ or in a straight line from from root to crown chakra. Cup hands around nose and inhale deeply. Savor the aromatherapy by enjoying a hot bath or shower after application. 

Also a great pick me up while experiencing a long day. Apply or sniff as needed. This blend smells heavenly and has elements specifically directed at the 7 Chakras, in a color therapeutic glass roll-on

There are five different gradients of glass, with stainless steel roller ball. They are sold in random order.

Key Ingredients:

Mary Jane soaked in Olive and Sunflower Oil

Root Chakra: Patchouli and Cypress

Sacral Chakra: Citrus and Jasmine

Solar Plexus: Juniper and Cardamon

Heart Chakra: Lavender and Rose

Throat: Cypress and Sandalwood

Third Eye: Rosemary and Thyme

Crown: Jasmine and Myrrh 

Sacral: Texas Cedar, Ylang-ylang, Geranium, Sweet Lavender

10 ml roll-on




1 oz clear glass bottle with dropper

Care information

Suitable for all skin types, this concentrated serum diminishes blemishes, evens tone and combats signs of aging, shrinks enlarged pores with every use. Golden Hour targets fine lines,hyperpigmentation (also known as melasma) acne, eczema, and unknown skin conditions.

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Customer Reviews

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i love it, a real mood (oil)

i got this oil as a surprise gift from a friend who put me on to BFree and since then i repurchase it every few years. i like to roll it on my pulse points throughout the day as a pick-me-up and as the finishing touch of my post-shower routines. one of my favorite self-care items.

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