A BFree Story


Cassandra Dailey serves as the visionary Founder and Chief Formulation Herbalist at BFree Organics. Within her generational apothecary, she meticulously crafts a diverse array of natural healing lifestyle products that transport individuals into the herbal realm of the subconscious, nurturing their mind, body, and soul. Under her guidance, BFree Organics boasts an innovative approach, guided by Cassandra's intuitive and flowy lifestyle, which shapes the brand's strategic direction, creative vision, and product development process.

Although officially established in 2012, Cassandra's journey into herbalism and crafting skincare products began long before the natural beauty industry gained prominence in the luxury market. Her initial foray was driven by the urgent need to heal her eldest son's severe eczema. Through her homemade body butters and scrubs, she discovered a solution that would eventually evolve into the exceptional wellness line available today through specialty retailers and spas worldwide.

Cassandra's creative process draws inspiration from the ancient traditions of naturopathy, homesteading, and the alchemical practices of her familial lineage. Coupled with her background in Aesthetics and herbalism, her craft is enriched by a wealth of knowledge inherited from Native American and Caribbean traditions. Guided by her intuitive understanding of scent, blending, and ritual, she infuses each formulation with wisdom garnered from her upbringing and experiences. Early on, her formulating journey was nurtured by her paternal grandmother, a master gardener, farmer, and cook, as well as her maternal grandmother, who lived a regal lifestyle.

BFree Organics is celebrated for its artistic design, profound healing properties, and immersive sensory experiences, captivating individuals from all walks of life since its inception. The brand's success lies in Cassandra's use of a carefully selected range of gently potent organic ingredients, many of which are cultivated at her families private residences in the serene mountain scapes of Los Angeles and Mount Shasta, California. The end results manifest as antioxidant-rich, exquisitely textured serums, lotions, toners, tinctures, and essences, offering a path to self-healing and sustainability that empowers individuals to thrive amidst the learning lessons of everyday life.