About Our Founder

Cassandra Dailey is the Founder and Chief Formulation Herbalist of BFree Organics. At her generational apothecary she creates an array of natural healing lifestyle products that teleport you into herbal realm of subconscious for your mind, body and soul. As the visionary leader behind the brand, BFree Organics’ innovative strategy, creative direction, and product development is driven by Cassandra’s intuitive flowy lifestyle, which is how each formulation is brought to fruition.

BFO was established in 2012, but long before that she had already been creating skin care products prior to the natural beauty industry taking its rightful place in the luxury market.  What started as a necessity for healing her eldest sons skin from severe eczema, with the use of her handmade body butters and scrubs, has since evolved into a stellar line up of wellness available through family-owned specialty retailers and spas across the globe.

Inspired by the olde ways of naturopathy and homesteading, generational alchemists and entrepreneurs throughout her family lineage, and her own background in Aesthetics and herbalism, Cassandra practices her craft with an accumulated wisdom of ancient Native American and Caribbean traditions, guided by her intuition for scent, blending and ritual.  Her formulating passion emerged during childhood as she assisted her paternal grandmother, who is a master gardener/ farmer/ cook and her maternal grandmother who lived an extravagant life, fit for a Queen. 

BFree Organics’ artsy design, healing benefits and sensorial gain have resonated with people from all walks of life since the brand’s inception. With her range of gently potent organic ingredients, mostly all grown at her private residence in the Mount Shasta, California area. The results are known to be antioxidant-rich, uniquely textured serums, lotions, toners, tinctures, and essences that aid each individual on their journey to self-healing and sustainability to withstand the conditions of everyday life.