Our Story

Each small-batch BFree Organics formula incorporates a proprietary blend of phytonutrient-dense, whole-plant extracts, infused in-house to ensure peak potency. With a therapeutic blend that nourishes skin, protects from environmental damage, and boosts processes that lead to internal repair.
BFree Organics offers "do it yourself" healing therapies ranging from skin repair/ condition regimens, postpartum healing, wellness tinctures and oil based aromatherapy for men, women and children. We embrace the 'whole person' — body, mind and spirit — in ones quest for a conscious lifestyle and green environment. 
BFree Organics strays from using any ingredients that can have an negative impact on the environment and mankind. Using only organic, plant based homegrown, and sustainably wild-harvested materials.
As an honor to Mother Earth, BFree Organics delivers a wellness line, FREE of GMO, gluten, synthetic perfumes and dyes, parabens, and un-natural preservatives for women, men and children.
Cassandra Dailey is a Licensed Herbal Skin Care Therapist and offers custom orders for the ones that seek specific healing. She has designed BFree Organics to aid in the healing of a variety of skin conditions, such as; eczema  hyper-pigmentation, psoriasis, and acne, using 100% organic-plant based formulations. Everything is artisanal, in small-batches, so our products are the freshest and most natural elixirs you can find. BFree Organics not only helps you heal your skin, but Cassandra's formulations uplift, rejuvenate and nourish.
We invite you to share our passion for a toxic free, loving environment for you and your family and wish you a lifetime of BEAUTIFUL memories + healing.
Cassandra Dailey & family