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"I developed hyper-pigmentation and acne on my face, neck, and a raw opening between my breasts during my first pregnancy. I ordered Golden Hour Serum and within 1 day, the opened wound I had for 6 months was closed. I am blown away with how fast all my pregnancy ailments healed."


Alexa's acne completely cleared up once she started using Golden Hour and any scarring she had is clearing up. She uses it at night and uses Daily Moisturizer during the day. I have dry patches, oily patches and reactive redness. Golden Hour soothes, calms, smooths, and gives my skin a healthy sun-kissed glow. We LOVE BFree Organics!

Jennifer & Alexa (Mother/Daughter)

I struggled for years with acne and eczema that enforced an insecurity about the quality of my skin as a young adult. I indulged myself in Vitamin C Golden Hour Brightening serum that corrected my tone, SPF 30+ Daily Moisturizer to protect, and several other amazing products.  BFree Organics is responsible for reviving my confidence and contributing to my appreciation for Cassandra's herbal medicine. 


I have been using BFree Organics for a year now and notice such a difference in just a few weeks. I have combination skin and am prone to pesky tight pores on and around my nose. The cleanser has done a great job of clearing up my pores and blackheads. The SPF smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling so soft. 


BFree cleanser has completely wiped out the acne on my face and back. MIRACLE in a bottle. Now Im working on my blemishes with your Golden Hour serum, which is an incredible product. So very grateful! Thank you Cassandra.


I've been using Bfree Organics products EVERYDAY! I can honestly say my skin has never been happier or healthier. I no longer have acne prone skin something I've been struggling with since Middle School. With having clear skin I've also gained a new level of confidence. Most importantly my face is protected from UV rays & the SPF contains anti-aging benefits. 


I am so impressed with your products. I am 61 with good skin but very dry and sensitive.  It's difficult finding products for sensitive skin.  All your products work so well together! They make my skin feel like silk.  The Golden Hour serum is SUPERB. I wish I had found your company years ago.  I look forward to seeing all that evolves with Bfree. Thanks so much


I have been a fan of Bfree as long as this company has been around. The owner Cassandra is so attentive in handling touchy issues for women, like.... having horrible skin. Between all the makeup I put on my face (being a professional model) to Makeup artist recommending chemical peels etc. it has been a long road cut short thanks to Cassandra's  plant based skin care. I was skeptical at first... never hearing of this business and finding it on instagram. But Cassandra shared a lot of knowledge of being an herbal skin care therapist, so I gave it a shot and can not believe that I finally found a company that is 100% Vegan, organic and has healed all my skin issues at once.  My skin is smooth and clear again


After having acne issues since I was around 14 and trying every product (natural & un-natural), Bfree Organics' line is the only one that has ever worked. I noticed results right away and my face is completely clear, blemish free within the first month of getting an online consultation, with the Owner Cassandra. She set me up with an incredibly easy regimen. I love everything about this company and I reccomend it to everyone! THANK YOU SO MUCH!



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Inspired by the bountiful regions of California, we have handcrafted our formulas with native plant extracts to offer you products that are healthy and rich in antioxidants that deliver beautiful results to your skin.


Top 5 tips for glowing skin

Top 5 tips for glowing skin

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