BFree Garden & Herbalism Apprenticeship

Be a steward of the land and learn to plant, care for and utilize veggies, edible plants and medicinal herbs throughout a whole growing season alongside Cassandra Dailey, Founder of BFree Organics at her generational apothecary and private residence in the Mount Shasta Region of Northern California.

Cordella Press

Interview with Cate Clother, Editor & Photographer at Cordella Press

Issue Seventeen: Emergence


  • Favorite Product

    "Golden Hour is one of my favorite products from Bfree. Love how it leaves my skin so refreshed and dewy. At 44 my skin is in better shape than it was at 34!" - Denise

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  • Obsessed

    "Obsessed!!! As a busy mum of two, my skin care routine is pretty quick. The golden hour serum is my absolute go-to product to make me feel like i'm really taking care of my skin. I love how soft and clear my skin is after using it. It gives me that boost each day - knowing I'm doing something small for myself. The smell is wonderful and makes me feel like I'm at a spa." - Emma

  • Everyday

    "I've been using Bfree Organics products EVERYDAY! I can honestly say my skin has never been happier or healthier. I no longer have acne prone skin something I've been struggling with since Middle School. With having clear skin I've also gained a new level of confidence. Most importantly my face is protected from UV rays & the SPF contains anti-aging benefits." - Dallas

  • Acne Since Age 14

    "After having acne issues since I was around 14 and trying every product (natural & un-natural), Bfree Organics' line is the only one that has ever worked. I noticed results right away and my face is completely clear, blemish free within the first month of getting an online consultation, with the Owner Cassandra. She set me up with an incredibly easy regimen. I love everything about this company and I reccomend it to everyone! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" -Sarah