SSL Malibu

Welcome to Surf Sounds Loudly

Nestled in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains, Surf Sounds Loudly (SSL) is more than just a family artist collective—it's a sanctuary of creativity, tradition, and community. Our name, Surf Sounds Loudly, is a tribute to the Venturo Chumash, the original stewards of Malibu. "Malibu" is derived from the name "Humaliwo",  which translates to "Surf Sounds Loudly". This namesake honors the profound connection between the land, the ocean, and those who inhabit it.

At SSL, we celebrate this heritage by weaving it into the fabric of our collective. Our private land is a hub of diverse activities designed to foster a deep connection with nature, art, and each other. We offer a range of experiences for our private member association, including but not limited to:

  • Quarterly Sweat Lodge Retreats: Reconnect with your inner self and nature through this sacred practice. (This may take some time to get approved due to wildfire season)
  • U-Pick Flower Farm: Enjoy the simple pleasure of gathering your own flowers, straight from our garden.
  • Earth-Based Apprenticeships/ Workshops: Learn ancestral gardening techniques and other traditional practices that honor our commitment to supporting and preserving the wisdom of seven generations—both past and future. Our apprenticeship program features two expansive 1,200 square-foot organic gardens: one dedicated to a full flower farm for PMA members to pick their own flower bouquets, and the other growing a variety of produce and medicinal herbs.
  • Holistic Healing Treatments: Cassandra, a Holistic Esthetician, will continue to offer healing facial and body treatments by referral only in her apothecary and seasonal glamping nature spa.

As we grow, SSL will expand to include a hertz vibrational recording studio. This unique space will offer conscious artists a place to create and record their work, while enjoying short-term stays in our cozy A-frame Airbnb. These exclusive offerings will be available only to our valued guests, who are invited to join our yearly private member association.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community, where the spirit of Humaliwo lives on through the sounds of surf, the beauty of the land, and the creativity of being free.

See you soon,

The SSL Family