Collection: In-Person Services

BFree Organics is a radiant force of transformation within the tapestry of well-being, infusing the conventional spa narrative with the ethos of holistic innovation. At the heart of BFree Organics' Generational Apothecary lies a profound mission — to kindle the light of self-adoration and illuminate the path of authenticity. Here, the intention is to guide each client to embrace ones natural skin wellness and self care rituals, uniquely attuned to each seeker's essence. This sacred space of healing and renewal is veiled to the fortunate few, accessible by referral only. 

Mobile treatments are available upon request.

We respectfully ask new clients to arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to their appointment time. 

  • Mesotherapy: A Holistic Approach to Graceful Aging

  • Unraveling The Mystique Of Dry Brushing: Nourishing Body, Mind, And Soul

  • The Gut-Skin Connection: Underlying Factors to Skin Health