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Accessible Immune Strengthening Herbs

Accessible Immune Strengthening Herbs

Spring is finally approaching around this part of the world, and I am rejoicing in the arising of a new season.⁣ I shared this information with my audience back in September because we all have, in some way, experienced the effects of the change in seasons. Whether it is the witnessing of the change in hours of daylight, or lack of sleep thereof, or in the prevalence of sickness. However, when the Earth shifts, I am still grateful that we inhabitants are still connected enough to realize. 
I have been admiring the transformation of colors and nature all around me. I am delighted to occupy a space within my heart that can appreciate the balance of Mother Earth's cyclical rhythms.⁣ The once dormant and silent regenerates to the lively vibrancy that speaks to our spirit.
Yesterday was that typical spring day! After multiple cloudy days of rain and cold gusts of wind, we were graced with a refreshing day. Abundant sunlight, minimal clouds, the sounds of birds chirping — Spring is almost here. But in knowing so, I also knew that this day would be short-lived and not to get too excited because the cold would return soon. It was one of those days where people get excited because we get that first taste of spring, and we’d like for it to stay, only for the next day to be 20 degrees cooler (a big unappreciative nod to climate change). I find that this is how most people get sick during the transition of the seasons: unpreparedness. 

But this post is a lot different than the post from September. See, this was before the coronavirus outbreak, and all I was hinting at was the common cold or the next strain of the flu virus. I was not aware of what was to come. We are living through another global health emergency. While that can be worrisome for us all for different reasons, I want to reiterate that internal balance and oneness is some of the strongest medicine. When we begin to fully embrace the dynamic beings that we are, we understand our true power and magnitude. We can then grasp that if we equip ourselves with the ideal resources and tools that our strength multiplies. 

The definition of immunity is the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells. But I choose to simply approach immunity as “what can I do at this present moment with what I currently have.” I view immunity like I view brushing my teeth, something unbearably mundane, yet the impact is MAJOR. When I consistently do it, it becomes a part of my daily routine, which in that repetition becomes a layer of defense. Sometimes the most basic of actions or tools is what we need. I would like for you to view immunity in the same light. Like an onion, layers and layers, and layers. Each action we perform is a layer of immunity. I figure why not. If we are so dynamic, then there will never be a silver bullet for immunity. Actual defense lies in our action or inaction. 
This hasn't always been true for me. I used to loathe the changing of the seasons for two reasons:⁣
🍁 The transition from summer to autumn (and eventually winter) meant shorter days with less sunlight, which severely impacted my mental health.⁣
🍁 The colder, "sometime-sy" weather meant being sick with the cold multiple times throughout the winter. SO much that in 2014 I got my tonsils removed.⁣
INSTEAD of approaching this shift from an unwelcoming outlook, approach this next season as an opportunity to reconnect with ancestral wisdom. At the same time, we nourish and protect our immune systems with herbal medicine.⁣

These herbs mentioned are to be used in addition to your current immunity practices. Herbal medicine is quite beautiful because — aside from connecting to creation — it consistently provides. We can steep herbs for tea, use them as seasonings when cooking, bathe with them as we submerge ourselves in water, use them in our skin, hair, and body products, and so much more! 
Check out my TOP 7 herbs to consider researching before any cold and flu season, and especially right now amidst the current health crisis.⁣ Survival is in our DNA; it is not an option, it is only a matter of awakening. 
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