Online Skin Care Consultation

Herbalism is an incredible way to empower your healing journey. I believe that the path of an herbalist is to teach oneself and others to have a better understanding of how to aid ailments of the body, mind and spirit with phytotherapies. The use of herbs in everyday life promotes a holistic lifestyle, all while preventing and treating imbalance, weather it be internal or external.  
As a Skin Care Therapist, herbalist, organic gardener, and an aspiring Naturpath, with over 10 years of experience in herbalism, and 6 years as a licensed Skin Care Therapist, I am now offering private consultations, locally and online. Being that I very much value my time as a wife, mother of 3+ and small business owner, I will only provide this service on Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless other wise stated.


Skin care Therapist, Cassandra Dailey will work with you to create your own personal skin care regimen to tailor your current skin condition. This service is offered for $35.00 
You can contact Cassandra directly by clicking on our "contact" page and from there she will send you a link to pay your fee and get your consultation going.
Cassandra will send you a few questions to answer and requires a response within 24hrs of her email being sent. 
This service is for serious inquires only 
$15 of that fee will go towards the recommended products you purchase.